We Are Constellations

Allison Paige

Say hello to the Carolina girl who is a hybrid of Celtic Irish and Pirate English blood. I am a child of the stars and bear their mark on my skin. I have little faith in the human race- but I strive to find beauty among our destruction anyways. I live for God as best I can.

Star(s) falling


Lyubo told me he fell for me.
Jeff told me he loves me and is still falling for me.
I have a suspicion Damon is still fond of me but he’s probably wiser this time around to keep his mouth shut.

I can’t give you or anyone else whatever it is you’re looking for. It makes me feel dirty when people say they love me. I don’t deserve their love, nor do I want it.
I’m not for anyone. 

I do miss you Paige. Probably not like you deserve. But I do think about you.