We Are Constellations

Allison Paige

Say hello to the Carolina girl who is a hybrid of Celtic Irish and Pirate English blood. I am a child of the stars and bear their mark on my skin. I have little faith in the human race- but I strive to find beauty among our destruction anyways. I live for God as best I can.

Star(s) falling



I Don’t Want To Be A Bride - Vanessa Carlton

Goodnight Stranger.


The night I went to sleep without dreams I was accompanied by a stranger.
He smiled like a wolf and wore the face of a gentleman.
He tipped his hat and offered his hand.
I swooned and flitted my fingers across the buttons of his chest.
Up the stairs we went, stumbling to the bed.
He nestled into my neck; all the heat went to my head.
Into his chest I sank my nails.
Up to his hair I twisted his locks.
Lips locked firm and tight.
I could have devoured him that night


Modest Mouse - Bukowski

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