We Are Constellations

Allison Paige

Say hello to the Carolina girl who is a hybrid of Celtic Irish and Pirate English blood. I am a child of the stars and bear their mark on my skin. I have little faith in the human race- but I strive to find beauty among our destruction anyways. I live for God as best I can.

Star(s) falling


Harassing @intotheinfinite while watching The Strain. I’m so obnoxious I don’t know how I have friends. #loveme #payattentiontome #friends #video #selfie #cheese #smile #obnoxious #annoying

I stood in the water until my legs started to burn. Scales bit through my flesh as they demanded to be shed. The surf was strong and pulled me in by the ankles. I let the waters kiss up to my thighs until a much larger wave struck me. The foam tickled higher under my dress and I giggled like a little kid. I ran in the surf and across the sad until the child in my heart collapsed and I felt the sickening pain of my depression. And though I longed to cry the ocean would see none of that. The summer breeze dried my eyes before any tear could be shed. And when I opened my lips to scream something into the void the salt settled onto my tongue. Quietly telling me I had nothing to fear at all. I was wrapped in the swell, the wind, and the fading light and suddenly could find no trouble to burden myself with. The wave kissing the shore are music to me. It’s the most beautiful lullaby.

I thank God I have my sight so that I may see the sunset of colors reflecting on the waters. I thank God I have my hearing so that I may hear my favorite music in the tides. I thank God I have my tongue so that I may taste the salty breeze. And I thank God I have my sense of touch so I can feel the ocean all around me.

I still think I would like the mountains. I’d be more than happy living in Asheville. But there is something about the ocean that is home to me. It’s the beautiful ferocity of it in a storm and how calm it can be on a cool summer evening. #home #ocean #sunset #surf #waves #video #beach #follybeach #charleston #sand #happiness #peace #perfect