We Are Constellations

Allison Paige

Say hello to the Carolina girl who is a hybrid of Celtic Irish and Pirate English blood. I am a child of the stars and bear their mark on my skin. I have little faith in the human race- but I strive to find beauty among our destruction anyways. I live for God as best I can.

Star(s) falling


I’m going back to the beach tonight. I think I’ll bring Finnegan with me as well. He’s never been before but I know he’ll love playing in the water and romping in the sand. 

Before I left yesterday Barton wrapped me in his long arms and asked me not to be so, so, what’s the word? Flighty? I asked. Yes! And I won’t drop the L word in you either. 

I don’t want to be flighty so please don’t give me a reason to be, I thought.