We Are Constellations

Allison Paige

Say hello to the Carolina girl who is a hybrid of Celtic Irish and Pirate English blood. I am a child of the stars and bear their mark on my skin. I have little faith in the human race- but I strive to find beauty among our destruction anyways. I live for God as best I can.

Star(s) falling


I don’t like it when people get attached to me. I’m the worst person to fancy yourself settling down with. I’m the biggest contradiction and I don’t have a thing about my life in order. 

I don’t like getting attached to people either. I’ll feel wanted and safe for awhile. But then I tell myself they only want me around to get in my pants. And sometimes they do, sometimes they! are getting attached. And I get scared and self conscious so I leave.

It’s a never ending cycle with me to break hearts and have mine broken.